William Hartzell, M.D.


William Hartzell earned his M.D. degree Virginia Commonwealth of Virginia.  He trained in internal medicine at Barnes Hospital and in pulmonary medicine at University of North Carolina and Washington University.  He has been on faculty at Brigham and Women’s Hospital and University of Massachusetts Hospital and is currently practicing pulmonary medicine at the Fairfax Lung Center.  Over the last decade he has been active in the field of pulmonary medicine and matrix metalloproteinase-12.  His work in the field of host defense has discovered a novel intracellular antimicrobial function for MMP-12.  He brings expertise in pulmonary medicine and translational research.

Research interest: Host defense properties of antimicrobial peptides.

Selected Publications: A. McGarry Houghton*, William O. Hartzell*, Clinton S. Robbins1, F. Xavier Gomis-Ru¨th & Steven D. Shapiro1 Macrophage elastase kills bacteria within murine macrophages. Nature doi:10.1038/nature 08181 (* First Co-authors)